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With Barudan's LEM Jr., you can connect more machines and automate the download process. The software allows you to stop using CF cards and floppy disks (on older machines) and directly connect your computer to your embroidery machinery.
Connects to K, X, V, D, and N-series machines, (except NR).

LEM Jr. Features:

  • Direct Download Transfer Mode - Machine operator types or barcodes the design name and the stitch file is downloaded to the machine - "Pull Mode"
  • Scheduled Transfer Mode - Supervisor selects stitch files for each machine and queues them for downloading in order - "Push Mode"
  • Powerful File Storage - A configurable storage solution to search multiple folders and sub-folders. An almost unlimited number of files are available for download in an organized structure that meets your business's needs.
  • Faster download speed for K, X, V and D-Series - Download a 10,000 stitch design in a few seconds - offers faster download speeds - up to 115,200 bps - now 12 times faster.
  • Expanded CF Card Memory for V and D-Series - Automatically set to use CF Card as expanded memory - a 32 Mg CF Card provides 10 million stitch memory on D-Series machines.
  • Barcode Scanner with Easy Download Mode for K, X, V and recent D-Series - Machines with barcode scanners can use the fast and easy 1-2-3 download method in Direct Download Mode.
  • Network Up to 100 Machines - Connects up to 100 machine via LAN connection. Requires a LAN connector for each machine.
  • Connect to Earlier Series Barudan Machines - Connects your new and earlier model equipment - connects to Barudan K, X, V, D, and N-Series machines.
  • Reads Most Popular Machine Formats - Capable of loading and reading most popular industry machine formats including, FDR, DST, PRJ, Happy, Toyota, ZSK and others.
  • Teach Color Changes - Easily teaches color changes on your PC before sending to sew.
  • Assign Machine Thread Colors - Assigns up to 100 machines to thread colors set on the machine.
  • Manages Multi-Machine Status - Gives you the capability to view machine status of all machines connected to the network.
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  • Installation CD
  • User Manual
  • Optional Software Maintenance Agreement
    Assures ongoing upgrades and additional support.


Operating System: Windows 10, 7, XP, Vista and Windows 2000
Processor/CPU: Pentium 4 or higher/ 2GHz or higher
RAM: 512 MB or higher
Hard Disk: At least 15 MB or larger
Number of Pixels: XGA (1024x768) or higher
Color Depth: Optional Color


  • Protection Key/Dongle needs to be installed.
  • Requires LAN adaptor/LAN card and machines to be set in Network Mode.
  • LAN protocol is TCP/IP.

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