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What causes thread breaks and frays?

While there is no single factor that can be identified that causes thread breaks, you can narrow down the root of the problem by following these trouble shooting tips.
If the thread is breaking on just one needle, first check to see if the machine is threaded properly. Try loosening the tension slightly.
Check the needle to be sure it is inserted properly. The needle eye should be facing straight forward. You may want to replace the needle with a new one.
Check the presser feet to be sure they or not nicked or burred, if one is, polish the guide with a mild abrasive cord like crocus cord until it is smooth.
Check to see if the needle goes through the center of the foot. Presser feet are pliable and can be easily bent back in place with pliers.
Follow the thread path to be sure there are no rough spots on any of the thread guides.
Look at the thread clamp pin. Is it out to allow the thread to pass through the clamp for sewing?
Switch the needle to another position. Try to pull the problem needle down manually.
The needle should pull down easily and snap up quickly. If it does not, try cleaning and oiling the needle bar with a cotton swab.
If thread breakage continues, check the thread quality, try swapping cones of thread to a different needle that is working properly.
If the sewing problem is common to all needles, you need to look at conditions shared by all the needles such as the bobbin.
Is the bobbin threaded correctly? Is it tensioned properly?
Are there any rough spots on the bobbin case?
Look at the throat plate. Does it have any rough spots in or around the needle hole?
Is the needle centered in the needle hole?
Check the hook assembly. Rub the outer casing to feel for any burrs or nicks.

If these tips have not helped to resolve the problem contact the Barudan technical service department for further assistance.


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