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What is the best thread to use on my machine?

It is important to use a good quality thread. Poor quality thread will cause thread breaks and tension problems on your machine. What you may save in the cost of a cone of inexpensive thread can easily be lost due to machine stoppage.
There are generally two types of thread used in embroidery today: rayon and polyester.
Rayon thread is easy to tension, very shiny and generally runs well on the machine. It is not as strong as polyester, and care must be taken when laundering to prevent the colors from bleeding. It is probably the most common type of thread.
Polyester thread traditionally was difficult to embroider with, however today's polyesters are as easy to sew as rayon and have other benefits. Polyester is strong meaning less thread breaks, and color fast, meaning it won't fade or bleed. printer-friendly What is the best thread to use on my machine? page

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