TES software is an integrated digitizing and editing system, fundamentally strong, reliable and complete. It forms the core platform for guiding the creation of embroidery at each stage, always ensuring higher quality results. TES is available in different levels to cater for the varying needs of embroiderers. It is designed to fit the needs of any user; from the very beginner to the most experienced professional.

TES Version 3 software is completely modular and upgradeable from the entry level Modifier to the top of the line Professional.

TES Standard Features:

Barudan offers the following software programs:


TES V3 Modifier Plus

Full Editing Features, 140 Fonts and 30 Lettering Frames, True Type Font Conversion, Over 700 Special Stitch Types


TES Embroidery Studio Plus

100 Keyboard Fonts and 30 Lettering Frames, Full Editing, Stitch Processor,
Multiple Stitch Types including Sequins and Appliqué  


TES V3 Creator Plus

Full Digitizing Capabilities, Magic Wand, Free Form Tool, Enhanced True Type Font Conversion


TES V3 Professional

Full Digitizing Capabilities, Color Blending Tool, Advanced Satin Mode, Advanced Are Edit, Hyperfont



TES V3 Viewer

Complimentary to all Barudan machine owners.

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